Joe Gigs

I make things, I mark time, not by some deliberate conscious act, but out of need.   I make music, I write, I take pictures, I catalogue, not to intentionally formulate some understanding, but because I'm compelled to make sense of life in whatever way I can. 

In my work with Life At 3 a.m. the stories I write, the characters whose lives live out in them are a reflection of the world, and the people, and the lives I’ve known and lived, once more reflected through the prism of the songs they create.

A photo is never the thing itself, but the more views and perspectives you can have of something the closer you can get to the truth of the thing itself.  Plato’s images on a cave wall.

Those images are most apparent, have the greatest clarity, at those late moments in the quiet of life.  Life at 3 a.m.